SEA4SEE – Restoring an Hallberg-Rassy 312

SEA4SEE – Restoring an Hallberg-Rassy 312 – Sailing vlog

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I have spent 5 years restoring a fantastic Marieholm26 Folkboat. I took a sabbatical year and enjoy this sailing adventure and it was a really a fantastic adventure. When I came back I sold Dreamer, Now  days Dreamer is happily sailing across the atlantic ocean with his new owner..With a stroke of luck I found Hallberg-Rassy 312 for sale, and after buying this new hallberg rassy 312, I decided to restore everything properly, because my future plan will be a liveaboard and set sail for the great seas. You can have a look on my Youtube channel where, you will see all the old and latest Hallberg Rassy 312 videos related to restoration and fixing.To know more about my new Hallberg-Rassy 312 restoration project, follow me on my YouTube sailing channel, where you can watch all my videos vlogs  on sailing lifestyle and adventures.

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The Blue Route Sailing Adventures on Marieholm26 Folkboat – Sailing Blog – Sea4See Official

MY Blue Route Adventures & Sailing Stories –  Episode 1

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Sailing with Dreamer in Canaries Islands. Sailing Blog – Sea4See Official

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Hello Sailing Folks,
Thanks a lot to join this my sailing lifestyle and sailing videos blog in those years, during the restoration of Dreamer and her sailing days. I spent a very nice time  and now is arrived the moment to say goodbye to my small creature, and leave her to sail away in a new adventures…
SO…I’m very happy to announce that Dreamer has a new owners: Esteban & Liliana.
They will bring back Dreamer to Portugal by truck (as she come to me 5 years ago completely ruined by a previous barbarian owner..) and sail her to his new homeport:
Las Palmas – Isle of Canaries.
Probably Dreamer is the Marieholm26 make more miles by sail and by land of all boats made by Marieholm Bruck Shipyard. She is a piece of history.

Thanks Dreamer to share with me these fantastic years and keep me safe inside you.I never forget any moment spent with you and you will be forever in my heart!
Fair winds small creature you belong to the big ocean!!

Let’s Keep in touch through my sailing channel on YouTube. Sea4See – Sailing Blog

Hello to all my visitors!

I’m sailing until October 2016 and not time to update the blog. If you like to know about Dreamer and me sailing around Mediterranean Sea have a look at my Facebook page!

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Thanks for visiting my sailing life blog and watch out my latest sailing vlogs on YouTube.

Nuova barra del timone..!!New Tiller…!!

Salve! I lavori continuano e sinceramente sto lavorando in multitasking con tutto quello che c’è da fare… comunque nel frattempo che la resina e il carbonio “curino” in timone di Dreamer ..ho iniziato a rifare la barra del timone di Dreamer in Teakdel Burma di prima qualità.Ecco a Voi il video:

Work continues as time passes and I’m working in multitasking . Besides going ahead with the repair of the rudder , I redid the tiller using the burma teak first quality in five layers.
Here the first part of the video : 
And…If you like thumb up !! Watch live aboard Sailing Adventures on YouTube!


Lavori sul timone…!!Repair the rudder…!!

I lavori continuano sul timone di Dreamer.
dopo aver sistemato con il PVC i lati ora mi accingo a resinare e stratificare carbonio unidirezionale e tessuto di fibra di vetro secondo i consigli del Sig. Marco Cecchi di Cecchi Resine, che ringrazio di cuore.

Works are still going on..
After take by milling about 3 mm of rudder material both side I start to laminate with carbon fiber unidirectional and fiberglass.I also cured the old rudder holes with epoxy to avoid the water penetration on it.
Many thanks to Mr.Marco owner of Cecchi resin for his support and advise ..he explain me the correct way to approach the problem.

Here the website with advise and products.



Riparazione timone part. 2..!!Rudder problem fix part. 2..!!

Marieholm26 Folkboat – Repair the rudder part.2
Works are still going on.. but I made a big mistakes .. :

1)the wrong mixing of epoxy resin and hardener (The resin didn’t work!!)
2)type of approach to fix the problem….doesn’t work!!

So I clean the epoxy mess and start again with correct works and material.
Many thanks to Mr.Marco owner of Cecchi resin for his support and advise ..he explain me the correct way to approach the problem.

Here the website with advise and products.



Lavori sul timone..!!Rudder problem..!!

Lavori sul timone di Dreamer .
A seguito della penetrazione di acqua attraverso le viti degli agugliotti negli anni, la lama di ferro di rinforz0 interno ha cominciato a fare ruggine rendendo il timone piu’ debole.
Ecco l’inizio dei lavori sul timone per renderlo più robusto. Lavori con resina epossidica e prossima laminazione in carbonio sottovuoto.

I start to repair my rudder due the water penetrating and rust the iron reinforce inside. So I get in these years some water/rust come out and the structure became weak. This is the first step to prepare it for repair with epoxy and after laminating with vacuum carbon fibre to get more strength for the next 100 years 😜!! Thumbs up if you like!!