SEA4SEE – Restoring an Hallberg-Rassy 312

SEA4SEE – Restoring an Hallberg-Rassy 312 – Sailing vlog

Hey Friends Let’s Keep in touch through my sailing channel on YOUTUBE ! 

I have spent 5 years restoring a fantastic Marieholm26 Folkboat. I took a sabbatical year and enjoy this sailing adventure and it was a really a fantastic adventure. When I came back I sold Dreamer, Now  days Dreamer is happily sailing across the atlantic ocean with his new owner..With a stroke of luck I found Hallberg-Rassy 312 for sale, and after buying this new hallberg rassy 312, I decided to restore everything properly, because my future plan will be a liveaboard and set sail for the great seas. You can have a look on my Youtube channel where, you will see all the old and latest Hallberg Rassy 312 videos related to restoration and fixing.To know more about my new Hallberg-Rassy 312 restoration project, follow me on my YouTube sailing channel, where you can watch all my videos vlogs  on sailing lifestyle and adventures.

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Tolto il vecchio Log…! No more log..!

Ciao a tutti! Ringrazio sin d’ora tutti i proprietari di M26 e IfBoat che mi hanno contattato per informazioni e per farmi i complimenti! Grazie mille a tutti.
Al momento sto lavorando sulle sulle flange di vetroresina dove si appoggiano e avvitano le sedute il mio target principale è quello di rinforzare il tutto! Quindi stucco epossidico con fibre minerali e poi matt + resina epossidica…Duro come l’acciaio!
Avendo tolto tutto ho approfittato per chiudere un buco di un vecchio log non funzionante che si trovava in una posizione scomode e poco sicura nel gavone di sinistra.
8 strati di matt-tesuto biassiale-matt-tessuto triassiale e avanti così. Tutto resinato con resina epossidica e poi colorato con bianco. Ecco le foto:

Hello to all! and thank you a all owners of M26 and IfBoat who contacted me for information, and to congratulate me! Thank you all.
At the moment I’m working on the fiberglass flanges where are screwed the seats and my main target is to strengthen the whole thing! So mineral fibers with epoxy putty and then matt + Epoxy resin… Tough as steel!
Having taken everything I took the opportunity to close a hole on an old log that was not working in an awkward and unsafe position  just int the middle in the locker on the left.
8 layers of matt-biaxial fabric-matt and triaxial fabric and go on. All potted with epoxy resin safe strong and nice with a white paint. Here are the photos: