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Hello everyone, my name is Gabriele and I am an optometrist but in my free time definitely a sailor! I  have sailed across the seas for the world. I obtained the Yachtmaster at UKSA – Isle of Wight and I am accredited RYA sailing instructor. When I was a child I did canoe competitions in the various streams and in summer To earn some money I had to build canoes at the Art Fiber in this way I learned how to use fiberglass and become almost an expert.  A few years ago I bought my first sailboat a Marieholm 26 Folkboat and I restored it. With this fantastic boat I made a sabbatical year around the Mediterranean, as soon as I returned I decided to sell it and look for something bigger and more comfortable to allow me in the next few years to become a full time liveabroad! Luck has helped me and I bought a Hallberg rassy 312 practically abandoned, my job will be to bring it back to its former glory and sail with her to the seas of the world!

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  1. Perchè non pubblichi tutto il lavoro, comprese le foto, sul Forum? Mi spieghi cosa intendi con “lucidare il boma Selden”?
    Buon lavoro, Pino.

  2. Hi,

    very nice page you have. I did some turns in the baltic sea at an IF-Boat, but I did not sail at a marieholm 26 yet. Besides sailing during my free time I produce Shirts for sailors. I would like to sponsor you a Marieholm 26 Polo Shirt, if you like.

    Best regards from Berlin


  3. Hallo! Really a nice Homepage! In April, i´ll leave for UKSA to become a Yachtmaster, too. How was your time at UKSA? Do you have any suggestions how to prepare theroretically? I live in Germany, and currently, i am reading lot of english nautical literature. It would be very kind, if you can give me some tips or recommend some books..
    Greetings and very merry Christmas from cold Germany!

  4. Hi Gabriele,

    I really must say that you are doing a great job with your M26.
    The renovation you are doing with your boat is impressive and I can see that you are a perfectionist.
    Your website is very inspiring for my own project with our Marieholm 26, wich also have had a lot of interial and exterial items upgraded or renovated during a couple of years now. I will with pleasure continue to follow your work here at your website.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Joakim Werner, M26-70 "Settanta"

  5. Ciao Gabriele!!
    complimenti per il blog e per il tuo lavoo con l’M26!!
    In questi giorni sto valutando se prendere tutti i titoli RYA/MCA alla UKSA.
    Cosa ne pensi? E’ fattibile?? Si trova lavoro o è in salita??? E’ una buona scuola la UKSA?? Si passa un buon periodo??
    Ti ringrazio tanto se mi darai qualche consiglio, ciao, Andrea

    • Ciao Andrea grazie!
      Ottima scuola. Fattibile se vuoi investire dagli ottomila ai quattordicimila€. A seconda del corso tu voglia fare. Lavoro ne trovi ma non è’ facile . Mi arrivano offerte da istruttore di vela. Ti divertirai! E sopratutto imparerai cosa vuol dire andare a vela.

  6. ciao G, sono PPierluigi di ADV sto sistemando un IF (bonaventure) e stavo ordinando le sartie, attualmente sono da 7mm le alte e 4mm le basse sulla tua che sezione hanno? le regole di classe mi sembra che parlino solo delle alte.


  7. Hello Gabriele, it’s a great site you have created and it’s very helpful for me because i also restore a marieholm 26. i think it’s a lot of work to set all this nice photos in the web because you also have a lot of work with your boat and for that you have my absolute recognition. people like you are the positive aspects of the world wide web !!! i wish you a very pleasent life on your marieholm, maybe we’ll meet one day on the water. with best sailors regards from germany

  8. Hello Gabriele, can you please tell me where you’ve bought the new chain plates (in german : püttinge) i mean the parts on deck where the rigg is fitted. best regards f-j

  9. Nice work Gabriele and great website; I am also working on my 1976 Marieholm IF Boat. I have some questions for you on your restoration which I would like to ask at some point. Thanks, Jerry, Jacksonville, Florida USA

  10. Ciao Gabriele, hai fatto ottimi lavori su tutta la barca,come l’ultimo rinforzo che oltre ad essere utile vedo che è stato anche mascherato abilmente con la tappezzeria…buon vento

  11. Ciao Gabriele,

    you did a great job! Your boat looks georgeous!
    Are you still interested in selling Dreamer- how can I get in touch with you?
    I will be in our house in Cres, Croatia in the coming 2 weeks – are you still located in Venice?

    Best regards


  12. ciao io sono a trieste e sto rimettendo a posto un hr 382..c’e’modo di mettersi in contatto con te e fare una piccola chiaccherata
    ?grazie maurizio

  13. Ciao Gabriele,

    Sono Edoardo, ho piu di una mezza idea di comprare un Hallberg Rassy 312 del 1980, mi piacerebbe avere un tuo parere su alcuni aspetti dello stato della barca, come posso contattarti?

    Grazie mille

  14. Hi Gabriele
    In one of your videos you mounted the ceiling panels. What is this material (plastic)? Where did you buy it? Would be grateful if you could send me the name of the material and possibly where you can order it.
    Many thanks in advance and also for your great videos!


  15. Hello Gabriele,
    I sold my 44 footer 3 years ago. I decided not bying a boat again but I was not cured from the sailingvirus. Than I was watchleader on other SY’s all over the world. Corona stopped my traveling. Couldn’t live without sailing so decided to buy a SY again. Your reports of Dreamer were a big inspiration for me so in juli I bought a Marieholm 26 myself.
    On my wishlist are an anchersolution, bimini and more.
    Your video’s restoring Dreamer are very interesting for me. I enjoy watching them again and again.
    Wish you fair winds,

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