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Introduction about my boats and sailing boats specifications.
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👉🏻Hallberg Rassy 312 “Ellös” ⛵️
Hallberg-Rassy 312 …690 UNITS IN FIFTEEN YEARS 1979-1993..!!
Boat Information: The Hallberg-Rassy 312 was built for fifteen years between 1979 and 1993. Totally 690 boats were built. TheHallberg-Rassy 312 is a very popular model. Until 1986 the Hallberg-Rassy 312 Mark I was built, with the portlights in the blue stripe in the hull and with or without quarter berth. Models without quarter berth had an extra cockpit locker on starboard.


In 1986 the Hallberg-Rassy 312 Mk II was introduced. The first visible change is that the portlights got larger and were moved up to the superstructure as on today’s Hallberg-Rassy range. This gives a brighter saloon and a greater feeling of spaciousness. The whole superstructure and cockpit was at the same time moved aft, allowing a couple of important extra centimetres in the saloon. The superstructure was also raised, improving the headroom from 1.83 m to 1.85 m, which subjectively feels a lot more than the figure suggests on the paper. The working area of the galley was improved. The newer model was only built with quarter berth. The toilet compartment also got separate, and not all over the beam of the boat as on the previous model. There was a shower basin fitted into the new toilet compartment.


👉🏻Marieholm 26 Folkboat ⛵️
Marieholm 26 the boat… una piccola barca dal grande cuore.. cosi qualcuno scrive. Una piccola bluewater boat con cui piu’ di qualcuno è andato a spasso per gli oceani.
Molto marina e adatta a navigazione offshore.
Specifiche Produzione
Designer: Tord Sundén
Costruttore: Marieholm Bruk (Svezia)
Materiale: Vetroresina
Prodotta: dal 1976 al 1987
Esemplari prodotti: 260  (Dreamer è il n° 62!)
Marieholm 26 …”the boat a small boat with a big heart “.. so someone writes. A small boat with which someone already cross the oceans. Very suitable for offshore sailing.
Production Specs:
Designer: Tord Sundén
Builder: Marieholm Bruk (SWEDEN)
Construction Material: Fiberglass
Production Start: 1976
Production End: 1987
Total Number Built: 260 (Dreamer is n° 62!)


       Technical Specifications

  • Hull Type   Long Keel
  • LOA 26ft – 8m.
  • LWL 20ft.- 6.30m.
  • Beam 7.2ft. – 2.20m.
  • Draft(max) 4.01 ft. – 1.25m.
  • Displacement 5511lbs.- 2500kgs.
  • Ballast 3295lbs.- 1495kgs. Iron
    Production Start 1976
  • Production End 1987

    Rigging and Sails

  • Rig Type Fractional Sloop  7/8
  • Listed Sail Area –
  • Fore Sail Area . –
  • I 28.8ft. – 8.78m.
  • J 8.4ft. – 2.56m.
  • E 11.7ft. – 3.57m.
  • P 29ft. – 8.84m.
  • Sail to Displacement Ratio 12.55

    Engine Specifications

  • Engine Make Volvo Penta
  • Engine Model MD-5
  • Engine Fuel Type Diesel
  • Engine Horse Power 7.5


  • Maximum Hull Speed 6.02 kts.
  • Capsize Screening Formula 1.87
  • Sail Area/Displacement (SA/D) 12.53 (Cruiser)
  • Displacement/Length (D/L) 389.81 (Heavy Displacement)
  • Motion Comfort Ratio 25.14

The Designer Mr. TORD SUNDEN









“……Tord Sunden, was commissioned to combine the best elements of some of the designs. This resulted in the creation of the Folkboat. It also resulted in decades of lawsuits regarding the ownership of the intellectual property of the design. Meanwhile the Folkboat was well on her way to achieving uncommon success……..”
(from “)

“…..The result was the nautical equivalent of the German Volkswagen, the people’s car. She was named the people’s boat, the Folkboat. But little did the organizers of the competition imagine how successful she would be Eighty orders poured in from all over Sweden before the final plans were completed.” by John Vigor

Informazioni in inglese – English informations :

Sito ufficiale Folkboat Svezia – Official Site Folkboat Sweden

Pezzi di ricambio originali Marieholm – Original Marieholm’s spare parts

Production IFBOAT in Sweden

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  1. Hy, I have Marieholm 26, 1977, saling fixing is brocken. I´m looking for new one.
    Is it possible to get such parts?
    Many thanks, Peter (Austria)

  2. hola a todos los locos por el marieholm 26, hace 2 años que estoy buscando marieholm en españa, encontre 2 IF pero lo que a mi me interesa es SI o 261.
    en webs de suecia hay varios interesantes pero el precio del transporte es elevado, tambien yo deberia vender primero mi barco un Neptun 21 de 1971
    en españa los barcos con sello de CEE y con menos de 25 años se pueden cambiar de bandera pero todos los barcos que veo a la venta tienen mas de 25 años o no estan fabricados con CEE.
    si quiero comprar uno con bandera que no sea española deberia pedir un proyecto nuevo para un marieholm y certificado por un ingeniero naval
    el transporte y el proyecto de un marieholm 26 de suecia a españa me costaria unos 6000 euros mas el precio del barco.
    esto es lo que me cuesta decidirme.
    si teneis alguna idea decimelo gracias.

  3. è stato un vero piacere incontrarsi ieri 😀 … e l e foto mi hanno fatto venire una sana invidia e un pò di nostalgia 😉
    A presto Gabriele

  4. Hello. I would line to intall a new cgain roller such as tge one yiu put on the marieholm 26. Can you tell me where yiu bought from. I also have a marieholm 26. Congratukations on yiyr video. I really like tgem and your great work too. Bravo

  5. Impressive work Gabrielle. I learned a lot from you and your friends. If you don’t mind me asking a few questions:

    -what do you estimate is the cost of a refit like this?

    -how did you check if the keel had rust when you bought the boat?

    – what was the cost of the boat when you purchase it?

    I am sorry for the many questions!

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