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An Introduction to Mr Wilson, The new mascot of my new Hallberg Rassy 312 . Sailing Blog – Sea4See Official

With great pleasure, I have the honour to present WILSON! The new mascot of Dreamer and now for Ellos. Who is Wilson? .. Wilson and no other than a plastic cup that I found on the deck of Dreamer when it arrived from Portugal. At first, I wanted to know what reason (superstitious?!?!) I left it free on the deck and he has shared with me all the curse, all the problems and the moments of joy during the restoration of Dreamer. I am fond of … and finally, I spoke with him .. AH AH AH! It is now inside Dreamer and company me in all the navigations! Welcome WILSONNNNNNNN in my new Hallberg-Rassy 312

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  1. Hello Gabriele,
    Thank you for your interesting and informative website. Like you, I’m an owner of a wonderful M26 (Shipname “BIRKA” from Flenburg – Germany), from 1977 (nr. 129). I’ve bought my boat in Schweden 2008 and have refitted it in the last years (back to the original condition in the mid-seventies) – so, I might know what great job you have done and you gave me some further ideas in optimizing some details of the boat. But do you know, that there is a little weaken spot or vulnerability of the M26 in the toilet-room. I don’t know why, but MARIEHOLM disconnected the stringer on starboard in this room. If you tighten the shrouds very hard (f.e. for a race), you can recognize a slight deformation of the ship hull (it gets back in form after the reduction of tensio). I will fix this problem in wintertime by new laminated stringer.

    Have a nice day,

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