SEA4SEE – Restoring an Hallberg-Rassy 312

SEA4SEE – Restoring an Hallberg-Rassy 312 – Sailing vlog

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I have spent 5 years restoring a fantastic Marieholm26 Folkboat. I took a sabbatical year and enjoy this sailing adventure and it was a really a fantastic adventure. When I came back I sold Dreamer, Now  days Dreamer is happily sailing across the atlantic ocean with his new owner..With a stroke of luck I found Hallberg-Rassy 312 for sale, and after buying this new hallberg rassy 312, I decided to restore everything properly, because my future plan will be a liveaboard and set sail for the great seas. You can have a look on my Youtube channel where, you will see all the old and latest Hallberg Rassy 312 videos related to restoration and fixing.To know more about my new Hallberg-Rassy 312 restoration project, follow me on my YouTube sailing channel, where you can watch all my videos vlogs  on sailing lifestyle and adventures.

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