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Hello Sailing Folks,
Thanks a lot to join this my sailing lifestyle and sailing videos blog in those years, during the restoration of Dreamer and her sailing days. I spent a very nice time  and now is arrived the moment to say goodbye to my small creature, and leave her to sail away in a new adventures…
SO…I’m very happy to announce that Dreamer has a new owners: Esteban & Liliana.
They will bring back Dreamer to Portugal by truck (as she come to me 5 years ago completely ruined by a previous barbarian owner..) and sail her to his new homeport:
Las Palmas – Isle of Canaries.
Probably Dreamer is the Marieholm26 make more miles by sail and by land of all boats made by Marieholm Bruck Shipyard. She is a piece of history.

Thanks Dreamer to share with me these fantastic years and keep me safe inside you.I never forget any moment spent with you and you will be forever in my heart!
Fair winds small creature you belong to the big ocean!!